The power of A.I.
for diagnosis and therapy.

GenomeUp streamlines your clinical decision process.

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We support doctors in drawing the diagnosis and therapy with our Artificial Intelligence engine.

On the basis of patients’ genetic data, GenomeUP allows doctors to get a detailed clinical report on genes affecting patients’ pathology and their personalized treatment.

Upload your patients’ genome & clinical data.

Doctors upload FASTQ format file with patient's genetic data. Clinical data and lab data can also be uploaded.

Our Artificial Intelligence analyze patients’ data.

Our algorithms identify and annotate SNVs, indels, structural variants, de novo mutations, etc.

Question your clinical report.

We give you a report containing the suggested diagnosis and therapies, moreover, it will be possible to question the report through queries.

Where we are testing

We are testing our algorithm in the "Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù" of Rome.

GenomeUp is based on algorithms that are being testing in the Primary Immunodeficiency Department of "Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù" in Rome.

A little of our story

GenomeUp was born to analyze genomic data using informatics techniques.

GenomeUp was born in March 2017, founded by bioinformaticists with the need to analyze genomic and proteomic data using informatics techniques.

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